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Family law issues can be painful and create enormous stress for those involved. However, it is possible to have an amicable Florida divorce. Divorce, while inherently stressful, can be smooth, less stressful and financially beneficial where the parties strive to be as cordial as possible. Keeping these tips in mind will help you achieve an amicable Sarasota area divorce.  

Encouraging Lawyers to Resolve Issues Outside the Courtroom

In some instances, lawyers will attempt to create higher fees by aggressively litigating every issue that arises during a divorce. However, some individuals are better served by resolutions that can be negotiated outside of a courtroom. A good family lawyer will strive for the quickest, most cost-effective and beneficial solutions. It is important that the lawyer handling the case has their client’s best interest at heart and works towards settlement whenever possible. 

Strive for Mediation Early in the Process

To achieve an amicable divorce, the involved parties should strive for an early mediation because it is a proven process for success. There is a requirement to mediate in most jurisdictions, including Sarasota, Manatee and Arcadia, and divorces will eventually end up in mediation. Furthermore, the vast majority of divorce cases settle as a result of the mediation process. It is possible to schedule mediation before the divorce is filed or just after. Settling a case through mediation can save money and stress for everyone involved, but does not replace the need for competent legal representation.

Don’t Let Angry Family or New Relationships Into the Mix

New boyfriends or girlfriends, as well as angry family members, can lead to negative outcomes. By allowing these individuals to become involved in the divorce process, stress levels can potentially rise and worsen the situation. Do not allow outsiders to become involved in the process because they will increase tension and anger and decrease the possibility of achieving an amicable Florida divorce. 

Always Work Towards the Best Interests of the Children

In any divorce involving children, custody will become an issue. Making decisions about where the children will live, go to school, and spend their time can be stressful. Each party should exercise their right to fully love and support their children during the divorce process. Fights over custody of the children can add stress and can be damaging to children of divorcing parents. Through constructive problem solving and working as a parental team, everyone will benefit. A united front regarding the best interests of the children will ensure that the divorce process is less chaotic for everyone involved.

Exercise Financial Responsibility and Discretion

When one party decides to stop paying bills or destroy assets, it becomes harder to achieve an amicable Florida divorce. Overspending or allowing bills to default as a way to punish the other spouse is never wise. By engaging in this type of activity, it increases the likelihood that the divorce will be longer, more expensive, and less amicable. However, if both sides exercise financial responsibility and discretion, the divorce can be faster and friendlier.

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