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Same Sex Divorce Attorney in Sarasota

Same-Sex family Law in Sarasota

Now that same sex-couples are permitted to be issued marriage licenses, it is inevitable that some of these marriages simply will not work out.  In addition to the typical issues that have to be resolved in a marriage dissolutions, same-sex couples face an additional difficulty in the fact that Florida Statutes do not recognize same-sex marriage and it appears that the Legislature is not planning to revise the language in Chapter 61 (Florida’s Divorce Statute) to accommodate same-sex couples anytime soon.  

That being said, Bragg Family Law has an attorney that has already helped same-sex couples divorce.  Despite the language contained in the statutes, courts are dissolving marriages of same-sex couples.  Mr. Bragg can help you navigate the Court system and avoid problems with Florida’s current statutory scheme.   

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