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Modifying Prior Orders or Judgments

Modifications of Alimony, Support or Time-Sharing Schedules

Generally, to modify a prior Final Order or Judgment entered in a Family Law case, the party seeking the modification must establish that there has been a substantial change in circumstances that was unforeseen at the time of the entry of the Order.  This is a significant threshold to reach as the Legislature as well as the courts want to see finality in family litigation.  If a party was able to seek and obtain a modification ever time they didn’t like a result, cases would be tried over and over.

That being said, if you are unhappy with a Final Order that contains an alimony award, child support award, or time-sharing schedule that is not in your child’s best interest, please schedule a consultation with our attorney, Adam Bragg, to discuss the possibility of modifying your order.  While it is generally difficult to modify, the facts of each case are different and Courts routinely hear modification cases.  While it is true that some unhappy people seem to want to litigate over and over again, it is also true that some people wait too long to act assuming that nothing can be done and are very disappointed to find out sometimes years later that their lives could have been very different if only they consulted a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Our attorney, Adam Bragg would be happy to review your Final Order or Judgment with you to discuss the possibility of modifying it.  Sometimes during these consultations Mr. Bragg finds that it is not a modification that is needed but simply enforcement of the prior Order because the client is not receiving the benefits they are entitled to. This is a much easier and cheaper process.

Do not simply assume that there is nothing to be done; instead schedule a consultation with Mr. Bragg to discuss the facts of your case.

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