Uncontested Divorce

A divorce is uncontested when the parties agree to terms prior to the initial filing of the suit. So if the parties are in agreement, why would someone need to retain an attorney? After all, there is no requirement that someone hire an attorney to get divorced.

First, most people are not familiar with legal process or procedure much of which is still required in even the “easiest” of cases. Getting stuck in legal procedure can cause even the most amicable of divorces to take a long time. Second, and most important, just because the parties agree to something, doesn’t mean it is best for their family. Hiring a good divorce attorney does not equate to fighting it out in Court. Instead, it means hiring good legal “counsel” that can provide options and alternatives based on the specifics of that family. There very well may be another option that is even better for this family. Or, as Mr. Bragg sees too frequently, the parties are actually setting themselves up for failure or later even more fighting later.

So if you are considering getting divorced and think you may have an amicable or uncontested divorce contact Mr. Bragg today to get the legal counsel you need.

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