What types of child custody arrangements are permitted under Florida Law?

This question is a trick question as Florida got rid of the concept of legal “custody” several years ago.  That said, most people still use and are familiar with the term and its meaning that how much time a parent is entitled to spend with their child also determines who gets to be the decision-maker.  This person is referred to as the “primary custodial parent”, and of course, everyone wants to be the “primary custodial parent”.

However, there are only 7 days a week and 365 days in the year.  As such, no matter how you split time with the child and its parents someone will have additional time than the other.  If one parent has 183 days and the other has 182, should the parent with 183 get to make all the major decisions related to the child?

Florida instead has split the idea of “custody” into two (2) separate concepts: Parental Responsibility and Time-sharing.

Dealing with Child “Custody” Issues

Each family’s situation is unique which is why it’s so important to talk to a qualified, experienced lawyer.  If you have any questions about Parental Responsibility or Time-Sharing, call Bragg Family Law PLLC for a free consultation about your specific situation at (941) 893-1555.