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In our society it is very common for a family to choose (or sometimes even need) to relocate their family to a new geographic area.  This fairly typical scenario can become extremely complicated when there are custody or time-sharing orders involved.  Florida’s “Relocation Statute” governs the process for a parent who wants to relocate minor children after an initial custody (or time-sharing) determination.  Florida Statute 61.13001 essentially requires a parent wishing to move with a minor child to first obtain the other parent’s permission or when that is not possible, to obtain the Court’s permission prior to relocating.

The truth is relocation cases can be very difficult.  Generally, the other parent will not agree to the proposed relocation and the matter ends with the Judge deciding.  That said, it can be very difficult for a judge to decide between a parent who wants to leave in order to make a better life for their family and a parent who will see their children substantially less.  Therefore, it is very important regardless if you are the parent who wish to relocate or the parent who wants the child to stay to have the right legal advocate to present their case.

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